RockHard Bedliners
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Spray On Bedliner Equipment And Materials
The RockHard Spray On Bed Liner is a durable self adhering rock hard Polyurea that is manufactured on the truck bed itself.  The remarkable VOC free plural component Polyurea actually creates a thick blanket of protection  that seamlessly becomes a thick three dimensional rust proof barrier that holds its shape for the life of the vehicle.  The RockHard barrier, unlike the factory metal bed will absorb the vibration of what you carry.  The RockHard membrane stops the OEM metal bed from chipping and due to it becoming a virtual part of the metal nothing can get in between layers causing unseen rust like typical drop in bed liners do.

RockHard Spray On Bed Liners, your blanket of protection from chipping, rust, and chemical spill.
Rockhard Bedliners
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Recreational Vehicles
Water Proofing
Industrial Equipment
Garage Floors
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