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Another SprayEZ Product

Located in the U.S.A.

SprayEZ - 3000


The workhorse solution for spray machines. Up to 30 pounds per minute and can handle any component from polyurethane foam to our custom waterproofing and roofing material ExpandoThane.


This machine will make your business run faster and easier in the spray foam and polyurea industry. Easy to use, easy to work and easy to maintain. Call today if you have any questions. 877.772.9629


Our in house line of spray machine includes 150' of heated hose, a divorced series drum pumps and an  AP gun. The machine does require an air compressor that can provide at least 100psi @ 30cfm. We have several other options available for purchasing this machine, and can even custom build you a trailer to suit your every need.

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